Streamlining direct materials sourcing in agriculture through automation

Addressing cumbersome processes and sub-optimal decision-making

Attributes of a truly effective S2P solution for agriculture

  • Automation
    Successful automation of price discovery can allow Agri-businesses access to market prices on-demand and in real-time. This equips them to deliver consistent approvals and manage documents faster with barely any manual intervention. Eka’s S2P solution enables a 3-way match, intelligently matching the PO, receipts and invoices for automated reconciliation and invoice finalization. It is also equipped to manage exceptions and trigger automated ‘Ok to pay’ messages to ERP/payment systems.
  • Streamlined and integrated processes
    A ccentralized S2P portal can link all stakeholders — farmers, demand customers, acquirers, truckers, and users — in one place for seamless collaboration. Supplier onboarding also becomes faster. Bids management is easier since all negotiations, acceptance/rejection of bids, contract creation, purchase orders, invoicing, and payment processes, are managed effortlessly through one portal. Eka’s solution allows for a seamless ‘bid and offers’ process with decision support on market pricing personalized to the user. It can also handle spot buys enabling businesses to accept, counter or reject offers from counterparties immediately. Prebuilt connectors with leading ERPs and open APIs play an important role in faster time to market.
  • Real-time visibility
    With analytics weaved into each step of the process, Eka’s S2P solution enables real-time visibility and insights into processes and performance, including supplier performance and ratings. Integrations with internal systems and APIs to connect third-party systems can help significantly reduce the latency of information sharing as all parties have a single view of data and visibility into live customer data. This is useful to maintain comprehensive audit trails throughout the supply chain.
  • Ease of use
    Low-code / no-code architecture that uses intuitive rule-based workflows can allow for extensive self-service capabilities by making it easy to customize new features and configure new processes on the platform. Even processes such as supplier registration can be performed in minutes irrespective of location.



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